[UPDATE] (120615) Massive BIGBANG in Japan Post


Note: Some of these may already have been posted, but I’ve included them for organizational purposes. Will be updated with new performances/subs as they come available.

BIGBANG on Push-Sama (120616)
BIGBANG on Japan’s MJ’s K-pop Special (120616)

BIGBANG on “Onegai’s Rankings” (120504) [SUBBED]

BIGBANG on Fuji TV’s Catherine (120501) [SUBBED]

BIGBANG on MTV Lab (120414) [SUBBED]

BIGBANG on Fuji TV’s Shabekuri 007 (120423) [SUBBED]
BIGBANG on Asahi TV’s Music Ru (120410) [SUBBED]
BIGBANG on Music On’s Monthly Icon (120407) Interview Cut [SUBBED]
BIGBANG on Fuji TV Nonstop (120405) [SUBBED] Part 1, Part 2
BIGBANG on NTV’s PON! (120404) [SUBBED]
BIGBANG on Sakigake: YG Entertainment Visit (120405) [SUBBED]

BIGBANG Interview Cut on NTV Music Lovers (120402) [SUBBED]
BIGBANG Performance Cuts on NTV Music Lovers (120402) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Making of “Alive” in Japan: Recording & Photoshoot [SUBBED]
Making of “Alive” in Japan: Fantastic Baby Recording [SUBBED]

Making of YG Family Concert in Japan [SUBBED]
BIGBANG on Mezamashi TV (120304) [SUBBED]
BIGBANG on Music Japan (120401)
BIGBANG on Happy Music Japan (120331)
BIGBANG on Fuji TV Waratte Iitomo (120321) [SUBBED] Part 1, Part 2, Download

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Updated with BIGBANG on Push-Sama and Japan’s MJ K-pop Special!

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